Deliah is a Portland native, eclectic practitioner, hedge-witch, lucid dreamer, and audiophile. Her father was a heavy-metal musician, and her mother an artist with rather morbid taste. As a child, she often had encounters with ghosts and various other spirit types. Needless to say, these experiences both terrified and fascinated her. She would often attempt communication with whatever entity was present; soon to come to an understanding that she was a beacon of spirits. The women in her family all seem to have had these supernatural abilities, but her Grandfather being an evangelical preacher, had repressed the thought to continue further practices and investigations amongst the lot of them. Regardless of what Deliah’s family thought, she was passionate about growing up to be a witch. Her parents - though not believers - supported her efforts by buying her first spell book and allowing her to create an altar space in her room at the age of 10.

In her middle-school years, Deliah was teased about her magical practices a lot which, in turn, persuaded her away from her passions. Once she reached high school, she went through a traumatic break-up that had drained any form of love and faith in her life. Due to this devastation, she went seeking for faith in religion by reading various books such as The Tao of Pooh, Buddhist guidebooks, and then finally landed with Scott Cunningham’s Book of Shadows. She remembered what she used to practice but never knew that it was a real topic explored so widely. She became a born-again witch at the age of 15, and though Wicca was the aspect that helped her find her way back into her studies, she currently identifies as a Pagan on a non-dogmatic path (though respects all deities of every religion.)

In 2011, Deliah was gifted her first deck of tarot cards and that sparked a new passion into the world of divination. This path has helped in leading her into her career today with The Raven’s Wing Magical Co. in Portland. In her free time, she loves to plan and host parties, sabbats, and events of all kinds, as well as building faerie villages, writing, and DIY-crafting.

If you have questions about ghosts, spirits of all types, spell crafting, other worldly experiences, herbs/plants, curse/hex breaking and/or reversals, multi-dimensional topics, or dream work, please feel free to come into the Portland location and ask for Deliah. She will be happy to assist you in the shop and help you find what you need.