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Art Show Opening Party: Revelry in the Dark

Fetishism, witch craft, and satan blended into a void of a concoction that is the demon Catbutt. Erotic art for the deviants of horror, wizards of the nights, and unapologetic demons who revel in the dark.

About the Artist: Imagine a stoned, psychedelic cat that watched too much lord of the rings and started painting their visions. A culmination of the abstract, spiritual, and manifestations of pain. Their work is similar to There and Back Again by Bilbo Baggins, because there's dark times and then there's times of light and good pipe weed with songs. There's a bit of sadomasochism in it, Gandalf knows no matter what pain he is in, he will overcome it. That is why Catbutt aspires to be a true wizard.

The sadomasochism exhibited in their artwork carries into their real life where they practice bdsm and performed at Folsom street fair's artist stage in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

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Later Event: November 7
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