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Dream Portals: Art Show and Reception

Join us in celebrating the heart-opening artwork of Ishka Lha. Show is open beginning 2/15, reception with the artist takes place on 2/25, from 6pm to 8 pm

Ishka reveals a world of the eternal Beauty that is all things.

A river of elementals, cosmic beings, and magical beasts swirl together in one great flood of light and shadow emanating the shapes and colors illuminated within the Beloved’s kaleidoscope. With every turning of the wheel, an ever-changing cycle of Life appears. Dawn spills into the night sky, a blossom falls as a cherry grows; and the movement in our mind trickles down into a land where thoughts kneel before a pool of peaceful waters, watching silently, as Spirit emerges from the depths.

Ishka Lha (pronounced Ee-shka Lha) was born in 1982, and grew up on a ranch atop the rolling hills of northern California, where the quiet natural beauty of her childhood surroundings inspired endless imaginative play and creativity. She earned a professional B.A. for Architecture with an emphasis on natural building and eco-village design at California Polytechnic State University; but, she promptly set her course for the exploration and creation of art as medicine upon graduation. Ishka is part of a growing visionary art movement that is dedicated to the happiness of all beings, and approaches her creative process as a spiritual practice. Her art explores and celebrates the natural radiance inherent in all dimensions of life through the use of neo-traditional iconography and mythology, and she is especially interested in what universal archetypes have most helpfully governed mankind's passage through time into greater avenues of mutual respect, understanding, and heartfelt livelihood. Her work is primarily featured in private collections, galleries, boutiques, and transformational art and music festivals throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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