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Herbal Support for Feminized Labor: Care at Both Edges of the Veil

Please call (510) 444-9355 to register

Care at Both Edges of the Veil is a place to learn some herbal ways to support humans who are very young and humans who are very old. We will explore medicinal preparations of interest to parents including teething support, homemade diaper powder, and shortcuts to decompression for when your nerves are fried.

You’ll help make and take home a salve for both first aid and soothing massage. We’ll also discuss (a very few of the painful many) common health issues among elders and ways to support those who are approaching end of life. Hospice workers both formal and informal, let’s get together!

Class Fee: Each class in this series is available on a sliding scale from $30-70 per participant and there will be a limited number of full scholarships for BIPOC/trans/disabled/working class femmes. If you do not hold any/all of those identities, you are strongly encouraged to pay at the top of the scale to fund these scholarships. Donations toward the scholarships are also welcome, regardless if you would like to register for a class.

Bear in mind that each one of these classes has a take-home herbal medicine along with 2.5 hours of activities and information-sharing. Please reach out if you have any questions about this system!