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The Witch's Apothecary: Herbs for Betwixt and Between

The Witch's Apothecary: Herbs for Betwixt and Between
Hosted by Lee Harrington

Thursday May 3
7:00pm to 8:30pm

$30 class fee
call (510) 444-9355 to register

Herbs for Betwixt and Between

Beltaine, or May, is the other time of the year that the veils between the worlds are thin-- that is, when the Otherworlds where the ancestors, decedents, and fey ones live are most accessible to us. During the late spring, the plant world offers us a unique healing path that can bolster our immune systems and vitality, prepare us for the hottest months of the year physically and spiritually, and open portals to these other realms in our hearts and minds, bodies and souls.

By attuning our consciousness to the blooming herbs and plants traditionally associated with the fey, we can experience deep, mystical magic and effective healing. In this class we'll talk about flower magic, dabble with mushroom medicine, and explore herbal allies perfectly aligned with the season, such as Dandelion, Elder, Nettle, Hawthorn, Vervain, Thyme, and Honeysuckle.