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Find Your Resonance Workshop: Week Two

Hosted by Sharon Knight

4 Thursdays: June 14th, 21st, July 5th, and 12th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm
$10 to $20 donation gratefully accepted
Please call the store at 510-444-9355 to let us know you are coming. 

Do you like to sing? Would you like to use your voice to enhance your magic? Join us for this 4 week class taught by internationally touring musician Sharon Knight and learn techniques for infusing your magic with song! (Sing spells to enhance your life!)

Magic is all about vibration. When we practice magic, we seek to shift subtle energies, that we may bring ourselves into resonance with the things we want more of in life. To this end, magical practitioners spanning many traditions have use singing and sound as a means to find harmony with their desired result. Part voice lesson, part energy work, part spellcraft, this series focuses on practical magic; how we can use our voices to help us create a life we love.

Over the course of four weeks we will explore how sound amplifies energy work, strengthens our connection to the world, and imbues our magic with a potency that only sound can give. We will explore themes commonly sought after; prosperity, love, and inspiration.

You are welcome to record the class. Please bring a journal and a candle. (Or arrive 15 minutes early to buy a candle).

Week two: We’ll focus on the most earthly of our energetic bodies, and explore vocal qualities that resonate with prosperity, abundance, and health. Do you need more money, a better job, a feeling of security? Health and vitality? We’ll sing together to create a chant in resonance with earthly well-being.