Ingrid is an empath, intuitive, tarot card reader, Reiki practitioner, healer and certified massage therapist. Ingrid’s spiritual journey started in her hometown of Baltimore which then led her to Chicago and finally to our beautiful magical community of Oakland.

Ingrid’s winding path of the spiritual seeker led her to research several religious and magical traditions until she met the healing power of the Orishas. Ashe. 

Ingrid brings a gentle clarity, loving-kindness and compassion to her tarot readings at The Raven’s Wing and the our beautiful magical community of Oakland. The tarot is a wonderful divination tool to help those of the Diaspora especially when delivered in a safe dialogue with a genuine Black voice and experience. 

She uses her intuitive gifts in her Bodywork and spiritual practices to promote the healing, support and justice that QPOC and POC are often denied in our current world. 

We all deserve love
We all deserve to feel protected
We all deserve a safe opportunity to heal. 


Ingrid offers the following services in person at The Raven's Wing Magical Co. in Oakland.

Intuitive Tarot
60 minute session: $100
30 minute session: $60