Stella Iris

Stella Iris has been with The Raven's Wing since the doors first opened in Oakland years ago. She adores the freedom of making her living in the world of magic. Combining her enthusiasm for mythology and spirituality, crystal studies, tarot and astrology, Iris looks forward to work everyday. Now, in the Portland shop, Iris is excited to help her neighbors in the Sellwood area make magic happen everyday.

Iris has studied witchcraft and tarot for more that 20 years, first learning from her mother. She has also academically studied religious and secular philosophy, theatre, and feminist theory.

"Magic is the act of changing reality, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. One of the most important parts of magic is to remember that as one changes the outside world, the inner world must also change."

As a Tarot reader, Iris is intuitive and kind, offering insight into the present moment and help with decisions for the future. She sees tarot as a language for understanding the self, allowing us to speak directly to our subconscious mind. Iris loves in person readings, but has embraced technology and can do distance video or phone sessions as well.

Iris is always creating magic and ritual both privately and publicly. She teaches the Tarot salon and the Crystal salon, co-leads the Sellwood Full Moon Magic circle, is a priestess and co-founder of The Hearth of the Morrigan, and serves as a Lampad (temple tender) in the dark moon Hekatêsion at the Portland shop; she's privately teaching the Evensong tradition of Wicca. Her personal devotions include Artemis, Santa Muerte, and Lord Ganesh.

Iris loves live music and theatre and learning about the amazing food Portland has to offer. She enjoys spending time with her son, especially at parks and playgrounds. Feel free to reach out with suggestions for food trucks, restaurants, shows, and parks to try out!

Iris offers the following services in person at The Raven's Wing Magical Co. in Portland, and from a distance by phone.

Intuitive Tarot
60 minute session: $100
30 minute session: $60