Barry Perlman (astrobarry) is an intuitive astrologer, writer, artist, and mystic who’s been counseling clients worldwide for more than a decade. Since 2002, he’s offered his astrological wisdom on his website ( where thousands of visitors enjoy his weekly “horoscopes that keep it real” and other writings. 

Barry has spoken and taught on astrological topics for the California Institute for Integral Studies, the San Francisco Astrological Society, National Council for Geocosmic Research, and the first-ever Queer Astrology Conferences.

Barry spent most of his life in the Bay Area, and now resides in Portland, but he considers the whole world his playground.  He’s had a passion for rocks and minerals since he was a young boy, and enjoys sharing this love as owner of The Raven's Wing.

astrobarry offers the following services in person at The Raven's Wing Magical Co. in Portland, and from a distance by phone.

Standard Astrology Session – 60 mins – $180
To calculate your birthchart for our consultation, Barry uses the specific details of your birth (birthdate, place, and exact time) to create a map of where the planets were when you were born. This provides a basic blueprint of the potentials intrinsic to your personality. Barry also looks at how the planets’ current and future positions trigger certain dynamics in your birthchart, reflecting auspicious growth opportunities or challenging circumstances likely to arise in specific areas, such as relationships, career, finances, family, and home life.  Throughout the consultation, you are encouraged to ask questions, contribute ideas, and guide the conversation in your desired direction, in a confidential, supportive setting.

Relationship Astrology Session – 90 mins – $240
Relationship Sessions are intended to be an interactive conversation including all parties involved in the relationship. Barry will look at the charts of the individuals involved and how they interact with each other, as well as charts for important dates in the relationship.