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Hearth of the Morrigan: Samhain

Free • Donations gratefully accepted

The Raven's Wing Magical Co. is please to invite you to a Hearth of The Morrigan sponsored Samhain ritual celebration! All are welcome to attend.

Though our Hearth of The Morrigan rituals tend to be more appropriate for adults and individuals of a mature age, our Samhain celebration will be open to families and individuals of all ages. We will be joining together in honoring our ancestors/ancestresses and beloved dead.

Our ritual will include giving honor to the many Witches and magical individuals of the past who through their lives here on earth paved the way for us to live freely as the magical people we are today.

Please note, there will be a pot luck style cakes and ale portion of our ritual. Please feel free to bring any food or beverages you wish to share with the community.