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Hekatesion - Personal Dedication Ritual to Hekate

Free • Donations gratefully accepted

In the final Hekatesion of 2018, we will be individually dedicating ourselves to Hekate, for One Year and One Day. We will be doing so by filling out, signing and charging petitions.

We will have paper/pens prepared, and we ask folks to come with some ideas of what dedication looks like to you. Perhaps you even want to write something out ahead of time, and just copy it on petition paper during ritual. Maybe it’s a special song, or poem that is dear to you. Or even a sigil/symbol. It’s up to you! Only you and Hekate will see this petition.

Some questions to think about:

  • What would you like to personally vow to Hekate?

  • What would you like to personally vow to Yourself?

  • How will you honor Her this year?

  • How will you honor Yourself this year?