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From Roots to Shoots: Witchy & Animist Origins of Ecosexuality

Free/donation event

What is Ecosexuality and what does it have to do with Magic? How did Portland become the Cascadian focal point of Ecosexual identity? We will start with a review of locally produced ecosexual medias and a brief definition of the Ecosex movement.

Through chants, poetry, grounding exercises and personal narrative Reverend Ciacchi will share how the Living Love Revolution moved to Portland in 2012 in order to produce the first public ecosexual event in the Pacific Northwest. From the movies of Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle, (Goodbye Gauley Mountain, Water Makes Us Wet) to the recent episode on Vice network’s Slutever show, Ecosexuality is blossoming in the independent media. Dance, peer counseling, animist practice and Ancestor worship are all a part of the dynamic holistic magicks that ecosexuals produce.

All of this creativity and community is embedded in, and thus inseparable from the social activism movements that began in 1960’s & 70’s and continue to today. Sex Positivity and EcoSexuality are specifically rhizomatic off shoots of the radical outsider communities within Feminist, Neo-Pagan and LGBTQIA subcultures and the art/activism/intermedia they produce. Reverend Ciacchi’s decades long, Cascade wide relational network has been in the center of the neo-pagan and polytheist movement for decades and this evenings focus will be the history of the Reclaiming, Church of All Worlds and Radical Fairy lineages that Ecosexuality arose from.  

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Later Event: April 14