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Saxon Runes Workshop with Aurinia

$10 to $20 suggested donation

Aurinia (aka Lena Lane) has worked with Runes for 30 years. She is a native Portlander; and it was homesickness for Oregon, through a convoluted series of events, that lead her to studying the runes. She has worked primarily with the Anglo-Saxon Runes for most of those 30 years. A teacher by profession, she now prefers to teach about esoteric topics like Runes, Ogham and Druidry.

The Anglo-Saxon Runes are an ancient system of Divination and communication. The deeper one goes into the mysteries of the Runes, the deeper one goes into the cultural myths and icons of European culture. The Anglo-Saxon Runes grew out of the Germanic Runes or “Elder Futhark” but are distinct from those and Scandinavian Runes or “Younger Futhark” in the richness of imagery in the A-S Rune Poem.

This workshop will introduce you to the Runes and drop enticing hints of deeper meaning to draw you into deeper study.

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