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Temple Of Hekate

$10 suggested donation

At the Dark of the Moon, we gather to honor the Queen of the Witches, Hekate. Come and face your shadows as we explore Her mysteries, and invite Her transformative magic into our life. 

This month, we will be working with Hekate Kleidouchos, the "Key Bearer". We will petition Hekate for the gift of a Key.

When we think of a keys, we think of unlocking something that is locked, or locking something that is unlocked. This doesn't have to mean a physical lock. Keys are associated with transitions in the form of doorways. They symbolize new beginnings & opportunities in our lives. Keys can be used to unlock our hearts, our minds, our subconscious. They can be used to unlock healing, or lock away past trauma, or perhaps a certain person or situation in our lives. 

To honor the Circle and its energy, we will not be accepting guests more than five minutes after ritual begins. 

Earlier Event: February 26
Brighid's Sanctuary