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Pulling Spirit with Tommie StarChild

$25 per person, register by calling the shop at (503) 946-8951

The art and craft of magic and witchery have become one of the fastest growing religious/spiritual practices over the last decade. Many books are written on the subject of how to, and classes can be found all over the world. One thing that is often not found is the foundational practice vital to working the craft. Pulling Spirit takes a look at the deep mystery of calling up one’s own spirit, what is our spirit, and why this is vital to all magic work. We will discuss the dampers on the spirit and how these create false masks that deceive others and ourselves. We will learn diagnostic tools to recognize these imbalances and how to realign. Pulling Spirit is a powerful practice and the basis by which all other magic work is formed.

Tommie StarChild is a spirit worker, witch, and an initiate in the Anderson Feri mystery tradition. He was born with his faerie companions (Simms), gifted with spirit sight, and comes from a family of conjure workers. StarChild has been a practicing witch since 1991, started studying Anderson Feri in 1998, and was initiated into the Elenkin lineage of the tradition in 2003. He is an accomplished witch, an initiated priest, and a professional spirit worker/conjure man.