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Temple of Hekate

Cost $10-$15: Used by Priestess to purchase materials (candles, oils, keys, etc.) for future rituals.

We can only accommodate 20 attendees. RSVP by calling the Raven’s Wing and reserving your space (503) 946-8951

At the Dark of the Moon, we gather to honor the Queen of the Witches, Hekate. Come and face your shadows as we explore Her mysteries, and invite Her transformative magic into our life.

This month, we will be petitioning Hekate for protection, through the making of Black Salt. Black Salt, also known as "Witches salt", is an excellent tool for protection and/or banishing work. It creates boundaries and absorbs negative energies. It can be sprinkled around the property, doorways and windowsills to protect the home and drive evil away. It is a wonderful tool to be added to protection mojos, talismans and candles.

DUE TO LIMITED SPACE, we can only accommodate 20 attendees. RSVP by calling the Raven's Wing and reserving your space (503) 946-8951. RSVPs are ONLY ACCEPTED BY PHONE, not email or Facebook.

To honor the energy of the Circle, we will not be accepting guests more than five minutes after ritual begins.

If you are interested in participating in the planning of future rituals, please contact temple Lead and Hekate Priestess, Roxanne.

Later Event: July 4
Store Closed - July 4th