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Tarot-Chi: Using Tarot as a Diagnostic Tool for the Energetic Body

With Rev. Neargood, the Dogwood Wizard
$10-20 suggested donation

Throughout its history, Tarot has been a parlor game, a means of divination and a tool for introspection and individuation.  In this seminar, we will introduce a new use for the Tarot- as a diagnostic tool to give our Chi a check-up! 

Utilizing a brief visualization meditation, we can energetically connect, or entangle, our Chi with the deck.  The cards we then draw reveal where the flow maybe at an imbalance or impeded. We then can draw cards for practical solutions as well as revelations about the nature of the congestion. This seminar will walk you through the steps and give you time to practice as well.

Sometimes you may just feel out of sorts… why not come join us to learn a new Tarot-technique that can help you restore a sense of balance, and that you can then use to help others!  All you’ll need is your tarot deck and a desire to learn.