Jenny is a witch with her feet on the ground and her head firmly among the stars.

An artist, diviner, and herbalist, she also toils behind the scenes as Operations Manager for both the Oakland and Portland stores. In Portland, she teaches herbalism classes periodically, and sells some of her handmade goods under the label Sheltering Tree Herbals.

Most deeply connected to her Scottish and Jewitch background, Jenny works mainly with the ancient Canaanite goddess Asherah and the Celtic goddess Brighde/Bride, though she also has an abiding affection for tricksters, especially Hermes. She is a co-founder of Brighde’s Sanctuary, a monthly sacred makers circle, and celebrates Asherah in a modified Erev Shabbat ritual on Friday nights.

Jenny's path has been anything but direct, and it is the diversity of those experiences that informs her intuitive tarot readings, and in fact, her drive to look deeply into and understand the nature of all things.

Time is a funny thing. How did we end up in this now moment? How many of us have traversed our lives in a straight line; how many have found ourselves in the midst of crooked, bent, broken, or meandering lines? Jenny believes all the answers to all our questions are already around us, and we just don’t know how to recognize them, until suddenly we do. Our path is not one line but radiating arrays of lines emerging from our center point; every direction is possible from wherever we are, and straight lines are a construct useful only in art and urban planning. But awareness dawns when it does. And wisdom is the fruit of folly, our own and that which we observe in others.

Jenny offers the following services in person at The Raven's Wing Magical Co. in Portland, and from a distance by phone.

Intuitive Tarot
60 minute session: $100
30 minute session: $60