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Jenny is an artist, a witch, a diviner, and a dreamer with her feet on the ground and her head firmly among the stars.

A lifelong student of the arcane, Jenny has come to understand that, rather than clutching at that which she seeks, her most fruitful realizations arise from a place of relaxation and attunement to the resonance of the Universe. Those moments inspire much of her art practice, as well as her understanding of the nature of magic. She believes that the consequences of our actions, great and small, undoubtedly cause ripples in the infinite sea of the omniverse. While it may be impossible to determine the extent of the impact those ripples have or may have in the future, choosing to act with integrity and mindfulness keeps us on the right track.

As a professional diviner for the last 12 years, Jenny listens to her own inner truth and the whispered wisdom of the Universe, then works to put voice to that knowing and extrapolate practical advice to be of the most benefit to her clients.

Jenny also teaches monthly herbalism classes at the Portland shop. You can find some of her artwork around the store, and her writing and more of her art at

Jenny offers the following services in person at The Raven's Wing Magical Co. in Portland, and from a distance by phone.

Intuitive Tarot
60 minute session: $100
30 minute session: $60