Willow Ravenna has walked many paths in devotion to divinity.  She is a priestess, artist, herbalist, potion maker, intuitive spiritual worker and student of the Evensong witchcraft tradition; she is a devotional polytheist with a strong emphasis on Celtic lore. Willow was born and raised in beautiful Northern California where she spent more than 15 years practicing polytheism, animism, and studying the ways of her Celtic ancestors.

Willow has been a devoted dedicant of The Morrigan for several years and serves her as priestess, activist, and educator for others in the community that have received her call and wish to deepen their relationship to her. In the Portland shop, she is a Priestess and co-founding member of The Hearth of the Morrigan, and a Lampad (temple tender) in the dark moon Hekatêsion. She is also a flametender and moderator for Nigheanan Brìghde, Daughters of Brìde, an online Celtic polytheistic flametending order devoted to the goddess Brìde.

Through her love and devotion in service to the community and the Goddess, Willow wishes to bring love, healing, wisdom, and personal sovereignty into people’s lives and the world.

As a member of the Raven's Wing tribe, Willow works to assist in sales and holding sacred space, and aids in facilitating public ritual for spiritual seekers and magical practitioners in the Portland-area pagan and polytheist community.  

Feel free to come in and talk to Willow anytime about herbs, the Celts, magical practices and all your spiritual needs.